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AMC, Repair & Spares of D.G. Sets
upto 25KVA to 1000KVA

DIESEL GENERATORS available on RENT ** 25KVA to 125KVA


  • Change oil and oil filter, change fuel filter, change coolant filter.

  • Service air cleaner, check for restrictions and contaminants.

  • Check coolant concentration and level- adjust to 50/50 mix.

  • Inspect cooling system hoses for cracks and distortions, tighten clamps.

  • Inspect radiator for restrictions and corrosion, check block heater.

  • Check for coolant, fuel and oil leaks, tighten connections as necessary.

  • Check belts and pulleys for cracks and wear, adjust as necessary.

  • Inspect and clean crankcase breather- check for excessive pressure.

  • Inspect governor and injection pump for leaks and proper operation.

  • Check turbo charger for proper clearance and freedom of movement.

  • Inspect ignition system (pts, rotor, plugs etc. for gaseous engines).

  • Check air intakes and outlets for contaminants, airflow and restrictions.

  • Check fuel tank for contaminants and condensation.

  • Check hoses, piping and connections- check for chafing and restrictions.

  • Inspect silencer, remove debris and build-up.

  • Drain exhaust line trap.

  • Inspect hangars, anchors and supports for exhaust system.

  • Inspect exhaust for cracks and leaks.

  • Check battery charge operation and charge rate- adjust as necessary.

  • Load test battery- Clean terminals and apply protectant.

  • Check cables and ends.

  • Visually inspect generator end for signs of heat and wear- check brushes and bearings.

  • Visually inspect controls and breakers for signs of heat and wear.

  • Check mounting bolts/anchors for tightness and stability.

  • Test run generator. Check all gauges for proper operation.

  • Check for proper frequency and voltage- adjust as necessary.

  • Check engine alternator charge rate.

  • Check for vibration, leakage and noise.

  • Inspect Transfer Switch connections for signs of heat and wear.

  • Inspect Transfer Switch with infrared temp gun to check for loose connections.

  • Transfer building load to generator (if permitted), monitor for proper transfer sequence.

  • Return Transfer Switch to standby position, monitor for proper shutdown sequence.


    Sale | Purchase | RENT -- New / Old
    25KVA to 1000KVA

    S.S. GENERATORS established in 1999

    Our concern provides hassle free facility for sale and purchase of all D.G Sets.

    We also provide D.G set for Rental Purpose ( 25 KVA to 125 KVA ) with competitive price in comparison of market price.

    Overhauling, Servicing and AMC of all Diesel Engine Sets ( 25 KVA to 1000 KVA ) Specialization of Cummins, Leyland, Kirloskar.

    Repairing of all alternator, AMF Panel, Self -Starter, Charging Alternator and Batteries.

    Old and New D.G Set fitment, Cabling Earthling and Exhaust Piping with better result.

    We have a well-equipped service center with advance infrastructure facility.
    The jobs are supervised by experienced Mechanical and Electrical engineers to ensure excellent service to the customers.


    Office cum Works : LG-121-122,Super Market,
                  A-Block, Ramprastha, Ghaziabad - 201011
                  Near Anand Vihar Bus Terminal (East Delhi) INDIA

    Mobile  : 9212131808 - Sanjeev Bhardwaj [ Mech. Engineer ]

    E-mail  : ssgenerators@gmail.com

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